Our trustees

We have four trustees. Each one is passionate about giving children a good education.

Steve Kaim-Caudle

Founder and Chair of Trustees

Steve has an economics degree from Lancaster University and a certificate in supply chain from MIT. After a career in logistics management including setting up and running his own company, he worked as a volunteer in Rwanda on community income generating schemes. He then worked in Liberia advising the Ministry of Health on improving their supply chains for the distribution of drugs to health facilities and community health workers. Whilst in Africa he started to appreciate the difference education makes to young lives and wanted to do something to address the inequality between those who could afford to go to school and those who could not.

David McCabe


Dave retired from his post as Chief Executive of a Non-Governmental Organisation six years ago and has been to Africa three times as a volunteer, including three years in Rwanda. He has a Masters Degree in Voluntary Sector Organisation.

Whilst helping to develop an organisation’s capacity in Kigali, he met many families whose children were desperate for a good education and the opportunities that could follow to help themselves and their country but who could not afford the cost of sending them to school. He was impressed by the resilience and hard work of those he worked with and believes that education and the opportunities that follow are the foundation of an inclusive and coherent society.


Jane Kaim-Caudle


Jane is a retired solicitor who specialised in family law. She helped people through difficult periods in their lives often caused by relationship breakdown. She graduated in politics and history from Kent University. Whilst volunteering in Rwanda she worked with the German Government’s GIZ program on human rights and also recorded the stories of people who had suffered in the genocide. She says that these testimonies ‘reveal much suffering but also display the resilience and strength of the Rwandan people’. She thinks girls especially need to be encouraged to graduate from high school and seek further training as they often face pressure from within their own families to help in the house and on the land.


Megan Kaim-Caudle


Megan has volunteered and travelled throughout much of Eastern and Southern Africa with a focus on opportunities to work with young people and helping them in their education. She is a passionate believer in long-term sustainable support to create the right environment for students to succeed. Having spent time in Rwanda Megan is committed to making a  difference to children providing them with a better future in this beautiful country. Megan has a degree in International History and Politics and works in London.