Sponsorship process

Our sponsorship process is designed to help us select students who meet our criteria. We aim for gender balance but all else being equal would give a girl preference.

We work through local partners who interview the young people and their parents / guardians and fill out the sponsorship form for submission to the trustees in the UK. Schools are visited and prefered subjects checked.

The trustees make the final decision as to who is selected for sponsorship. We commit to funding our students through to the end of their school education. Typically this involves three years of schooling with students graduating at age 18 to 20.

The Application Form

This is designed to capture the relevant information from which the trustees can make their selection decisions.

The form is completed by the local partner following discussions with the prospective student, their parent (or guardian) and a supporting body (a recognised community group, NGO, educational or religious establishment).

Details include…

  • Date of Application
  • Name of Student
  • Home Address of Student
  • Date of Birth of Student
  • ID Number
  • Male or Female
  • Name of Parents / Guardian
  • Financial circumstances of family (explain why this student needs financial support)
  • Level of education attained and dates
  • Educational Record (exam results in all subjects for previous year)
  • Attendance Record (and reasons for any absence)
  • Behavioural Record (evidence of good behaviour from school or other organisation)
  • Which subjects/combination choice does the child wish to pursue?
  • Proposed school and reasons for that choice
  • Proposed class for sponsorship to start (S4 or S5 or S6)
  • Why does this student wish to pursue their education?
  • What are the student’s career aspirations?
  • What are the school fees for the term and year?
  • What are the additional costs for the student to attend the school (per term and per year).
  • What is the proposed Parent /Guardian contribution? Financial or other.
  • Supporting Statement from Parent /Guardian
  • Supporting Statement from Organisation