Role of local partners

Roles and Responsibilities for Local Partners

Scheme promotion
Student selection & support
Monitoring & evaluation
Finance & reporting

Stage 1: Application process

Local partners promote the scheme, explaining its objectives and selection criteria to both student and parents. Then by using predetermined criteria carry out the preliminary selection of suitable students.

After meeting with the parents or guardian to verify the student’s home circumstances, they discuss with the student which school and subject combination is best suited to meet their education needs.

Local partners then submit the sponsorship application forms to the UK trustees including the funds needed for school fees and ancillary costs.


Stage 2: Students approved for sponsorship by the trustees

Once a student is approved by the trustees the local partner pays the school fees and obtains a receipt. They also pay the ancillary costs including transport, uniforms, stationary and other school materials.

The next step is to ensure the student attends school on the first day of term and then regularly visit the student in their school and discuss their progress with their teachers. Such visits are followed by a short report to the trustees.

Local partners will encourage the parents or guardian to attend the school visit days and support their child in their studies. At the end of each school term the local partner writes a full report for each student with recommendations for future funding.

Alongside supporting and encouraging students, local partners are responsible for keeping full and accurate records of all expenditure and managing their bank account which they dedicate to us and is soley used for funds recieved from Forward Africa Education Trust and money spend on our behalf. Each term they submitt a budget for approval by the trustees.