Selection criteria

Selection for Sponsorship

Forward Africa Education Trust seeks to help and support disadvantaged students in Rwanda further their education.


The Trust sponsors students who are underprivileged (in the sense that the student is unable to continue their education because the family does not have the financial resources to continue to pay for their ongoing education).

We work with students who have the support of a recognised community group, NGO, educational or religious establishment and who have a track record of doing well at school. They must have a willingness to learn and the determination to attend school despite challenges.

We also look for good marks in key subjects including Maths and English and the determination to overcome problems.

Approval for Sponsorship

The final approval to sponsor a student rests solely with the Trustees who expect to receive application forms with a gender balance and in sufficient numbers to enable them to make choices from a range of students. The trustees will them make their decisions based on the selection criteria and who is their view is most likely to benefit and succeed in achieving their goals.