Our processes

Forward Africa Education Trust in partnership with NOUSPR

Here is the sponsorship criteria that we use to select candidates.



The Trust proposes to sponsor students where their circumstances are:

  • The student is underprivileged (in the sense that the student is disadvantaged from continuing their education)
  • The student’s family does not have the financial resources to continue to pay for the student’s ongoing education
  • Or in other such disadvantageous circumstances as the trustees consider being appropriate to justify support


The student must show evidence of:

  • The support of a recognised community group, NGO, educational or religious establishment
  • A track record of educational achievement
  • A willingness and determination to attend school
  • A record of good conduct at school
  • A record of regular and punctual attendance at school
  • Satisfactory pass marks in key subjects including Maths and English
  • The determination to overcome problems and challenges whilst furthering their education
  • An eagerness for learning or a desire to pursue a particular career


Other criteria

  • Financial circumstances of family (explain why this student needs financial support)
  • Level of education attained and dates
  • Educational Record (exam results in all subjects for previous year)
  • Attendance Record (and reasons for any absence)
  • Behavioural Record (evidence of good behaviour from school or other organisation)
  • Which subjects/combination choice does the child wish to pursue?
  • Proposed school and reasons for that choice
  • Proposed class for sponsorship to start (S4 or S5 or S6)
  • Why does this student wish to pursue their education?
  • What are the student’s career aspirations?
  • What are the school fees for the term and year?
  • What are the additional costs for the student to attend the school (per term and per year)? Please itemise
  • What is the proposed Parent /Guardian contribution? Financial or other
  • Supporting Statement from Parent /Guardian Supporting Statement from Organisation