Martin’s story

Martin with his mum at home in Gasabo District, Kigali

On Course to Achieve: Martin’s Story of Overcoming Challenges

Martin’s story is one of resolve, determination, and courage. Born in May 2000 in Bwanga, a small town across the border in Tanzania, he was brought up by his mother.    

Working hard he achieved good results at school and choose to study History, Economics and Geography. His school fees were paid for by Forward Africa Education Trust (FAET) and with guidance from FAET’s project coordinator, Annet set out his plans to become a lawyer.

Martin says “My studies were difficult because of my family background. In ordinary level the local government sector office used to pay school fees for refugee children who came from Tanzania. I scored well and was allocated a good school for advanced level and was fortunate in receiving sponsorship from Forward Africa Education Trust. I finished senior six with maximum marks, 60/60. During school holidays I did different jobs to help my mother with the household budget like carry bricks and cement on construction sites, and coaching primary children in reading and writing.”

In 2022 after finishing school, Martin joined a student mentorship programme run on behalf of FAET by the Friends Career Center. He received career advice and gained skills including CV writing, email etiquette, typing skills, but most importantly the use of the internet to research opportunities and find funding opportunities.

“Thanks to the advice and skills I received from FCC I am now attending the University of Rwanda, Huye campus, where I am studying law. I was successful in gaining a government loan which covers my tuition fees and university accommodation. I plan to work during my university holidays so that I can manage to pay off other side expenses.”          

When not at university Martin lives with his mum in a government provided house in Gasabo District, Kigali. As to the future Martin wants to help others saying “after graduation I want to be a Human Right Activist and establish an NGO for vulnerable people.”