Micheline’s Story

Micheline attending a FAET Workshop (pictured centre)

Building a Bright Future: Micheline’s Story of Determination and Hope

Micheline’s story is one of determination and perseverance. Born in Kicukiro, Rwanda in 1999, Micheline faced many challenges in her education journey due to her family’s financial difficulties. However, she remained a bright student and was determined to chase her dreams.

“I faced numerous challenges due to my family’s inability to pay for my school fees and provide necessary materials. Thanks to the support and inspiration from Forward Africa Education Trust (FAET), I was able to overcome these difficulties and concentrate on my studies. As a result, I successfully passed my national exams with an aggregate score of 47/60,” said Micheline.

Micheline’s dedication and hard work are evident not only in her academic achievements but also in her exceptional talent as a cricket player. Her passion for cricket drives her to perform exceptionally on the field.

In 2022, FAET enrolled Micheline on the Friends Career Center (FCC) mentorship programme. This programme, run by young Rwandan Quakers, aims to support young people in boosting their professional skills and offers career guidance in Rwanda and beyond.

“Through the FCC mentorship programme, I gained essential technological and professional skills such as email and LinkedIn profile creation, writing resumes and cover letters, and setting goals among others.”

Micheline is pursuing Tourism and Travel Management at the University of Tourism, Technology, and Business Studies (UTB) in Kigali. She draws inspiration from the book “Think Big, Take Small Steps, and Build the Future You Want” by Dr Grace Lordan. Her dream is to become a successful businesswoman and manager of tour companies in five years.

Micheline says “I am grateful to Forward Africa and FCC for the unwavering support and inspiration they gave me in my education journey. It is a testament to the positive impact that organisations like FAET and FCC can have on the lives of young people, enabling them to chase their dreams and realise their potential.”