Trustees Visit to Rwanda, November 2018

With the end of term fast approaching Megan and Steve wanted to meet as many students as possible.

Flying out to Kigali, the capital of Rwanda takes about ten hours with the national airline Rwandair from London Gatwick via Brussells. Our accommodation was small but comfortable. We both felt the buzz of being back in ‘the land of a thousand hills’ and looking forward to catching up with our local partners and visiting schools and to meet our sponsored students for the first time.

Pictured with Megan is Cecile from the Rwandan Quakers and Annet from NOUSPR. Steve is giving Jacky a book, ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’ and then we have Francoise, Clare and D’Amour from ESK School near the Ugandan boarder. Bottom left is a shot of the school’s chemistry lab.



Here we have two students from CGFK, the Quaker School in Kigali, Kevine and Ladislas, alongside Cecile, Megan and Jeremiah. Ladislas is studying to become an accountant, whilst Kevine is doing technical training in leisure and tourism.

On the right is the agenda for the review meeting that bought together our local partners NOUSPR and the Rwandan Quakers for the first time. The meeting was followed by a marvellous lunch and more photos. Here we see Sam, Executive Director of NOUSPR and Cecile, Clerk to the Rwandan Quakers.