School visit to ESK, 29th April 2018

Greetings from Students in ESK Kidaho

This Sunday 29th April, 2018, a visit has been paid to three students who have been selected for Sponsorship.

It was amazing to meet those students with their parents who have come for an official parents meeting in this school.

On one hand this was for me an opportunity to talk to the three children, listen to them and assess additional need they so far have to succeed this second term which seems to be the longest this academic year. On the other hand, it was an opportunity to meet the parents and the teachers to hear more about children’s discipline and performance.

Marie Claire, S4, MCB “I am very grateful for the support. This is a tremendous gift in my life. I will use it properly by fulfilling my duties as a student with a vision. Surely, my dreams will become true. Many thanks to the sponsor who have chosen me. May God bless him and his Family. Her Mom was very thankful too, saying “My family and I are very thankful to the person who have contributed a lot to my daughter’s future. It had become very difficult for us to pay for Claire. We had no hope. Fortunately, God is using this sponsor to intervene and address her education needs. May God bless them abundantly. We will be happy to meet and say thank you to this sponsor. Now we can breath for the burden have been lift up. Glory to God.

Jean d’Amour, S4, MCE “The Good news is that I will be able to finish my secondary school. It was so sad to see that my parents are deciding that I drop out end up with my studies because of lack of money. Now there is hope. I promise to work seriously as I achieve my goal to become a future leader of this country.
Many thanks for the sponsor who have taught about me and give me a brilliant future. God bless him so much.”
His Father was very grateful and smiling “I really would like to thank the Sponsor who supported my son. This is like taking away the burden from my shoulder. My family will never forget this person. My prayer is to see face to face this person and thank God together. May Almighty God bless them abundantly.”

Francoise Uwiragiye S5, MCB said “Even though my guardian is not coming to visit me, it is a joy to hear the good news that someone you ve never meet is deciding to give you hope and future. I have never feel so loved like this time. May God Almighty bless this sponsor and his family abundantly. This is my second family. I will be happy to see them face to face. Meanwhile, I will be praying for them.