Three students at ESK Quaker School, 26th July 2018

How the students are enjoying their school life?

They enjoy learning and achieving, interacting with other students and with staff and taking advantage of the new opportunities and facilities the school has to offer.

The students can speak for themselves:

Claire: ‘ESK is a great place to learn and have fun! It has many opportunities to help us excel. We are proud to be ESK students and look forward to our senior years here.’

D’amour: ‘Great school and great teachers!! It has been easy to fit in here. The staff and students are very friendly. They are also very helpful, and learning here is really enjoyable.’

Françoise: ‘I have made new friends and I am enjoying school life and all the opportunities it offers. The teachers here really want you to succeed and get you to reach your goals.’

Subjects studied: Françoise is doing Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology (MCB) in senior five. Claire and D’Amour are doing Mathematics, Computer and Economics in senior four.

Progression in their studies including feedback from their teachers

We asked the teachers for feedback and they said that they appreciated their thirst for knowledge and their participation without forgetting their good behaviour.

Challenges they are facing include lack of some of the schools materials, the dry season that makes learning difficult, insufficient books etc. … but they agreed that it is common and that they can overcome the challenges mentioned.

Extra-curriculum activities:

  • Participation in school clubs such as Unit and Reconciliation, Environment Protection Club, Media Club, Health Reproduction Club, Entrepreneurship Club and School Debates (Thursdays and Fridays 3:40 p.m. up to 5:00 p.m.)
  • Drama.
  • Sports (football and volleyball).
  • English and mathematics learning clubs
  • Congregation and church going
  • Meeting prayers and fellowship